My womb has worked hard enough , it’s time for you to man up and use a condom!

During my undergrad days in medical school we were taught about endless list of contraceptives , their pros and cons , why some work better while some are just in their experimental stage . For listing purposes , the theory was fancy and an ideal contraceptive was a still a dream .

However, at that time I was still unaware of the practical issues of the above.

Marriage and childbirth have taught me a few lessons of my own .

My womb has already taken the bashing of transvaginal ultrasounds , overdistension due to twins, a Caesarean section , a second trimester haemorrhage , multiple stitches to seal the bleeding vessels, stitch line granulomas and finally an excision biopsy to put things to place .

But this is not my scenario alone, every woman has had a lot to undergo thanks to her built-in oven and store of eggs. We may bake a bun in it or not , our wombs are forever working hard and our bodies have perpetually been toiling from the same .

As a consequence of a lot of pondering , I have come to a conclusion that we women are doing our part ( even if we wish against it) , so dear men – it’s time for you to man up and use condoms , because we’ve had enough .

Use condoms , because contraception is your responsibility too.

Use condoms because you are anatomically blessed to ward off urine infections but alas, we aren’t .

Use condoms because pleasure is important for both and something that irks us later can never be enjoyable.

Use condoms because they are easy , safe, convenient and rampantly available .

Use condoms because they don’t make you any less of a man.

Use condoms because my womb is not your trash can.

Also, dear women, ask him to use one because your health is primarily your own responsibility.

—-Issued in Public Interest —-

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