FNC Weekly Meal Plan for babies 9 months and above #02

Sharing C&I’s this week’s meal plan. 

The three meal a day plan will ease your worries of what to feed your infant or toddler daily. I have tried to include portions of fruit , vegetables , good carbohydrates, a protein rich dinner and healthy fats in each day’s menu .

 If you do not take eggs , you can replace them with other protein rich dinner options (mentioned below) . 
The menu includes usual food items , the ingredients for which you must have introduced to your baby by 9 months . If not start with a small portion and see how it goes. 

Any feedback will be welcome, I will be improvising menus according to your requirements . 

If you require any specific recipe or method of preparation, reach us on our facebook page . 

  • I prefer ghee to prepare babyfood.
  • Always grind Oats before cooking, for younger babies . You can add banana mash or apple puree to the Oats Porridge to add taste.
  • I use farm fresh pasteurised cow milk to prepare yogurt and paneer at home.
  • Parantha can be given in small bite sizes soaked in milk for softer consistency.
  • Fruit yogurt can be prepared at home by using blended strawberries/ Blueberries/ Mango / banana or seedless grapes. Just mix the blend with fresh yogurt / hung curd / plain Greek yogurt. 
  • When starting with Egg first introduce yolk , followed by egg white when the child turns 1 year old.
  • Dalia can be made with vegetables or milk alone , keep consistency runny. 
  • Click here for Recipe of Spinach Beetroot Rice 
  • For Apple Rice Cutlets : Cook finely grated and peeled apple and soaked rice together until done. Let it cool. Shape them into Cutlets , coat them with semolina and shallow fry in ghee. 

For babies 6- 9 months of age , checkout our Ultimate Baby Food Recipe List : Click Here ! 

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