How this one small change helped me conquer my anxiety

Anxiety has always been my mortal enemy, chasing my mind day in and day out, for the longest time I can remember.

My Brain Is My Enemy.


I have my two close aids, my mom and my husband , whom I pester when facing a major change, as it is usually the stressor which precipitates my neurosis.

Recently I have shifted gears at my workplace and taken over assignments in my full capacity after the maternity hiatus. Though my tiny angels-with-horns hardly leave me with the time to worry, I was already anticipating severe anxiety with this development.


a single small change in my daily routine has made a gigantic difference in my mental stability and allaying anxiety and panic episodes.

Are you wondering what it is ?

It is waking up on time and ditching the ‘snooze’ button of the alarm clock.

This one change of making sure I get up exactly when I am supposed to and not a minute more of putting the alarm on snooze and getting that extra few minutes of that delicious sleep has put me ahead of my daily chores and the anxiety that builds while dealing with them. 

Not just at the workplace, but the new found calm instead of the morning rush helps me sneak in a few extra cuddles and kisses from my babies which further enhances the positivity of the coming day.

Was it easy ? 

Of course Not.It does come with its share of determination to get up from that snuggly bed and not bargain with the clock but with each passing day the difference that it is making in my mental health is keeping me consistent with this new good habit.

As they say it takes 90 days to make something a habit, I am hoping I can keep up with this 90 day challenge.

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